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The Mascot of This Guide Clans of Medievia The Mascot of This Guide

Here is a guide to the many clans of Medievia. There are so many clans and they offer a wealth of companionship, information, and also harrassment. Clans are either a wonderful thing, or, a not so wonderful thing. In this guide to the clans you will get not only the info about the clan, including members, ranks, and such, but also a summary of who the clan is and what the guide has to say about them. The guide has asked that some of the clanleaders write a description of their clan for the guide, unfortunately, not very many of them have responded. So, I guess you are going to have to rely on the word of the guide for now. Enjoy!
The Mascot of This Guide List of Clans by Number The Mascot of This Guide
  1. Circle of Power
  2. The White Rose
  3. Fate
  4. The Nonagon of Tenacity
  5. Death Corps
  6. The Knights Templar
  7. The Cheese Merchants of Medievia
  8. Children of the Apocalypse the New World Order
  9. Guardians of Justice
  10. The Order of the Silver Crescent
  11. Paladins of Destiny
  12. Creatures of Delirium
  13. Oracle
  14. The Coven of Avalon
  15. Followers of One Dark Path
  16. The Shadow Wolves
  17. Avatars and Elementals
  18. Avatars of Justice
  19. Order of Eternal Champions
  20. Lords of Discipline
  21. Myst's Strays of Life and Death
  22. Cradle of Corpses
  23. Legion of Shadow Knights
  24. The Crystal Rose
  25. Defenders of Faith
  26. Immortality
  27. Dark Lords of Sith
  28. The Crimson Hand of Nashite
  29. Disciples of the Ancient Prophecy
  30. Knights of Infinity
  31. The Devil's Own
  32. The Wolves of Dawn
  33. Legacy of Virtue
  34. The Cloaked Shadows
  35. The Keepers of the Black Chamber
  36. Knights of Eternal Mourning
  37. Gauntlet of Dragons
  38. Knights of the Blazing Jewel
  39. Lords of the Setting Sun
  40. Crimson Council
  41. The Sacred Inner Nemesis
  42. The House of Swords and Magic
  43. The Malevolent Order of Decadence
  44. House of Fire and Ice
  45. The Jade Phantoms of Nashite
  46. Evil Empire
  47. The Order of the Rising Phoenix
  48. Regiment of Everlasting Victors
  49. Seekers of the Eternal Path
  50. New Adventurers Guild
  51. The Black Conclave of Nashite
  52. Rogues of the Forbidden Legion
  53. Angels of Vindication
  54. Warlords of the Underworld
  55. Dark Covenant of Sacrilege
  56. Disciples of the Lost Faith
  57. Dark Nomads of the Abyss
  58. The Dark Herbalists
  59. Assassins of the Forgotten Realm
  60. Vanguard of Midnight Angels
  61. Lords of Apathy
  62. Dragon Highlords
  63. Sun Coer Sidi
  64. The Sepulcher of Eilistraee
  65. Gathering of Doom
  66. Soldiers of the Southern Cross
  67. The Arcane Brotherhood of Ancient Lore

This list shows you a couple of things. One, it shows how many clans there are in Medievia. Two, it shows how many more clans can move in. At first the list was simply copied and pasted from Medievia itself. Then it was realized that it would be better to show a list from 1-100. This was done for a couple reasons. One, to show how many clans there are. Two, to show how many more clans can move in. Clans are an ever changing thing. Another thing that is ever changing is the sister clans of the game. Sister clans are clans that are allied together. Most of the time they own the same clantown and also are able to communicate over "town chat." If you would like to see a color coded list of clans depicting these complicated sister clans, click here. To learn more about one of the clans, click on the clan you wish to learn more about.

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