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The Mascot of This Guide Medievian Equipment The Mascot of This Guide

Ah yes. Equipment is what drives many characters in the game. It drives the mighty auction system, and ultimately becomes the reason for any player to make money in the first place. There are thousands of pieces of equipment in this game. Equipment from all over the place. Each zone contains it's own special equipment. If you think of how many zones there are, and then realize how many pieces of equpiment could be in that zone, it adds up to, well, a whole bunch. The guide has done it's best to try and make a compilation of that list of equipment. It is listed according to the zone that the equipment comes from. I know what you're thinking, this list isn't complete, well, I try don't I? Here's a part where the guide could use some help from some other hitchhikers out there in Medievia. If you know of any other equipment not listed here, or, if some of the stats on the equipment are just plain wrong, please let me know. Speaking of stats, hopefully all of the equipment listed here is listed with max tweek in mind. What's tweek you say? Every piece of equipment is "tweeked" somewhat. It's basically a different way to say: the stats of the item are. Instead, you just say: the item has blah blah tweek. If there are any errors in max tweek let me know that too. To let me know e-mail me here: Now, on with the info!
Fitst off, I guess it would help if you knew how to read the list eh?

Abbreviations used:
!m: anti-mage | !c: anti-cleric | !t: anti-thief | !w: anti-warrior
!g: anti-good | !e: anti-evil | !n: anti-neutral
ss: save .vs. spell | sb: save .vs. breath | sp: save .vs. petrify | 2h: 2 handed
The Mascot of This Guide To see the list of EQ for a zone, click on the one you wish. The Mascot of This Guide

Asnor Mountains | Bloodstone | Catacombs of Toshi | Chepstow Castle | Crime Underground | Cliffs of Dhanakriss
Demonforge | Derah Villadom | Firegiant's Keep | Gereth Minor|Medievia Graveyard and Church | Island of Xanthal
Keep of Mahn Tor | Labyrinth | Lord Goland's Tower | Lost City of Atlantis | Lost Civilization | Lyranoth
Mighty Cutter of Mystara (Tavinsport) | Mystical Forest | New Ashton | The Preserve | Pirate Ship | Riverton
Fortress Shadowclaw | Spirited Heights/Horneg's Keep | Tar Valon | Tear | Temple of Skye | Thanos | Trellor
Warrens of the Moshita | Wytherwind

Asnor Mountains | Top |

Black Steel Torch
Blacken Robe of the Rising Moon
Book of Battle Hymns
Boots of Entanglement
Boots of Speed
Claws of Agony
Clerical Robe
Cloak of Prevarication
Crimson Breastplate
Crimson Plated Boots
Crown of Thorns
Devastator, the Adamantite Kris
Emerald Bracers
Flail Called Truthslayer
Monks Hood
Monks Sandals
Mountain Climbing Boots
Nightwanderer Sword
Platinum Wristband
Ring of Mendacity
Shield of Adumbration
Shield of Shadows
Small Bible
Small Golden Figurine
Spiked Silver Boots
Staff of Breedan
Starburst Sword
Stone Chest Plate
Stone Leggings
Stone Shield
Suit of Ringmail

l +30hp -2ss,
+65ma +1sp, !g
+5hr +3dr, !e!n!m!t!c
+4dr +1sp
+31ma +1hr
+3dr +30hp
+50hp -1int
+40hp -2dex
+40hp -2ss, !g
+5hr +3dr 6d6
+45hp +3hr
7d5 +31ma -2sp !m
+23ma +3hr
+36ma -7hp
+4hr +2dr 6d6
+4hr +3dr
+35ma +22move
Sanctuary staff - 7 charges
+3dr -1dex
+115ma +5dr
+6hr +2dr 7d8
-5ss -4hr
+4dr -1dex
+5dr -2hr
Bloodstone| Top |

Arm of Ergoth
Bracelet of strange silvery Mist
Cloak of the Manta Ray
Carved Hooves of the Nightmare Beast
Dagger of Fire
Demon Horns
Death Knight Armor
Death Knight Boots
Death Knight Leggings
Death Knight Scabbard
Death Knight Shield
Death Knight Sleeves
Diamond Orb of Tyche
Divine Ring of Protection
Dragon-Clawed Gloves
Drider Robe
Drow Buckler
Drow Chainmail
Engraved Black Rerebraces
Eye of Vecna
Fire Diamond
Flaming Short Sword
Four Bladed Axe
Gem Studded Bastard Sword
Hand of Vecna
HL (Dragon Highlord) Armor
HL Boots
HL Leggings
HL Shield
HL Sleeves
Jade Mask used with Pouch from Elyseum
Jewel Encrusted Egg
Leathery Demon Wings
Medallion of the Drolem
Orb of Might
Plume of Maat
Portable Hole
Robe of the Archmagi
Robe of the Magi
Shredded Scroll
Solamnic Arm Plates
Solamnic Leg Plates
Solamnic Visor
Spiked Bracer made of deep blue Steel
Staff of the Arch Magi

L +6dr +6hr
+55ma +55hp
+40ma +30hp, !e!m
+6hr -15ac
+35ma +35hp
+6dr +6hr, 6d6, !m!w!c
+5dr +5hr
+70hp -1dex
+4dr +4hr
+4dr +20hp
+30hp +3hr
+50hp +4hr
+20hp +3dr
+50hp +3hr
+40hp -15ac
+5dr !e
+50hp +2sp
+65ma -3ss
+30hp +4hr
+75ma +4hr
+30hp +30ma
+4hr +6dr 4d6
+4hr +5dr 6d11 2h
+8dr +8hr 6d12
+7hr 6d7
+75ma +5hr
+60ma -4sb
+50ma -4sb
+35hp +45ma
+4dr +50ma
+3dr +50ma
+4dr -3ss
+5dr -2dex
+50hp +3hr,
+2dr +60ma
+55hp +55ma
+60ma -1ss
Scroll of fireball - lvl45
+50ma -2sb !e
+4hr +50ma !e!t!m
+5hr +3dr,!e
+40hp !t!c!m!n
+4dr +25hp 7d8 !g !n !m !c !t
Catacombs of Toshi | Top ||

Black Katana
Egg Sack
Enchanted Dragon Claw
Enscribed Gold Bracelet
Pelt of the Winter Wolf
Pulsating Ruby
Red Helmet of Thievery
Queen Toshi's Leather Armor

L 5d9 +4hr +1dr
+2str container
10d4 +3hr +5dr
+45hp -40ma
+30hp -3dr
+4dr +3dex
+3dr -10hp
Chepstow Castle | Top |

Articulated Leg Plate
Cast Iron Band
Crystalline Circlet
Dagger of Terroein
Glowing Rod of Crystal
Griffon Hide Pack
Long Scarlet Robe
Midnight Sword
Moth Eaten Shirt
Necklace of Black Beads and Scales
Scarlet Leather Boots
Skrethlechten's Shortsword

L +35hp
+35hp -1int
+8hr +2dex 9d4
+4hr -2ss
+4con Container
+3dr -20ma
+4dr 6d9
+45ma -2wis
+35hp -2ss
+2hr +5dr 5d6
Crime Underground | Top |

Alchemy Jug
Bag of Holding
Book of spells
Boots of Travelling
Boots of Water Walking
Bracers of Defense
Bracers of Thievery
Clear Jar
Dagger of accuracy
Gauntlets of Dexterity
Helm of brilliance
Ring of Protection
Ring of Shooting Stars
Ring of Wizardry

L Water Container
+34ma +11age
+80mov +5sta
+32mv +3hr Boat
+25hp -20ac
+3dex +2dr
+10hr !c dagger 6d4
+4dex +3hr
+4wis +2int
+35hp -15ac
+3dex +3hr light
Cliffs of Dhanakriss | Top |

Black Leather Boots wt. Basilisk Claws
Crimson alligator vest
Crimson, Iron Ring of Regeneration
Dagger of Venom
Ebony Sling
Flaming Broad Sword
Hertasi Hide Leggings
Horned War Helmet
Rod of Spell Weaving
Supple leather gloves
Surcoat made of Black Unicorn Hair
Talisman of Transportation
War Shield shaped in a Gargoyle's Face
Wide Belt made of Mithril Chain Links
Writhing Tendril of Living Mist

L +31ma -1dex
hp regen
+5dr +2hr 6d4
+40ma -1str 1d2, 2,3*
Resurrection 5 charges
+45ma +3int 4d5
+3dex +3dr
+20hp -1int,!g
Recall Spell
+2dr !w!m!c
+15hp -25ac
Demonforge | Top |

Midnight Dagger

L 10d3 +2hr +1dr !g!n !m!c!w
Derah Villadom | Top |

Beating Heart
Beautiful orchid
Black Armor of the Gorgon
Blue silk Robe
Cord of Black Silk
Crimson Ring of Regeneration
Engraved wooden Crossbow
Engraved wooden Bolt
Golden Wolf's head Ring
Intricately carved Shield of a Panther's face
Long, forest green travelling Cloak
Pair of Eyes
Pale blue stone
Silver Cross
Ring of Life Protection
Ring of Magic Resistance
Ripped Silk Robe
Silver Bracers
Silvery Ring of Regeneration
Small Pouch tied to a Loop
Torn and blood stained travelling Cloak

L +4con
-2ss +2wis
+3str +5hr, !g
+35hp -2ss
hp regeneration
?, range
5d6, range
+21ma -2ss
-16ac +5hr 4d10 !m!c
+10age +20ma !e
+27hp -2sb !g
+mana + age
Mana Regen
+3wis -3ss
Firegiant's Keep | Top |

Black Iron Arm Plates
Black Iron Chainmail
Black Iron Gauntlets
Black Iron Leg Plates
Black Mail Skirt
Clamp Gauntlets
Dagger Boots
Deep Red Stone
Dragon's Head Pendant
Dragon's Hide Shield
Engraved Ring
Gold Braid Belt
Lava Ring
Molten Bracelet
Molten Rock
Satyr's Flute
Serpent Arm Band
Spiked Shoulder Plates
Treant Bark Shield
Treant Root

L +4dr +1ss
-20ac +25hp
+3hr +3dr
+3hr +2dr
+35hp -2sb
+4hr +56ma
+5hr +3dr
+35hp +3hr
+3dr +20ma
+3dr +3hr
+3dr +3dex
+4wis +4con
+45ma +4hr
+5dr -35ma
+1str +3dr !e
Gereth Minor | Top |

Ebony circlet studded with rubies
Flail of the Wyvern
Gloves of Casting
Maroon and ebony checkered kite shield
Maroon robe embroidered with a black wyvern
Massive single-bladed mithril axe
Silvery mirror-like shield
Spiked chainmail leggings
Spiked arm gardes

L +46ma +2dr !t!w 2h 5d6
+14ma -12ac
+20hp !e!n Magic Regen:
+1str +2hr !m!g 5d6
+32ma -2dr
+26ma +1str
+31ma -13ac
+3dr !m!c 2h 4d11
Island of Xanthal | Top |

Curved Bone Dagger
Ether Ring
Eyeball set in a Golden Ring
Fine Bone Ring
Pair of Shimmering Silk Leggings
Scroll of Create food
Scroll of Energy drain
Scroll of Teleport
Twisted Demon Horn
Wings of the Eagle

L +21ma -3ss
-20ac -2ss
+31ma -2ss !c!t!w
+33ma +2int !c!t!w
+19ma -18ac !t!w
Create food
Energy Drain Spell
Teleport spell
+30hp, !g
+5dr -1hp
Keep of Mahn Tor | Top |

Belt of Life
Black Minotaur Chainmail
Boots of Striding
Brooch of Life
Carved Wooden Ring
Crimson Steel Vambrace
Golden Holy Symbol
Gnarled Oak Staff
Horn of Life
Horned Minotaur Helm
Idol of the Godess Freya
Mahn Tor's Axe
Major Globe of Invulnerability
Shortsword named Nightbringer
Spiked Armor Garde
Staff of Healing
Rod of Weaponry
Wire Rimmed Spectacles

L +5con
+4str +4con
+5sta +17hp
+55hp -21ma
+3dr +3hr
-5dr +50hp
+110ma -15hp
Heal - 5 charges
+5dr -35ma
+40hp -50ma
-4ss -20ac
4d6 +5hr +4dr
+7hr -1dex
Heal - 10 charges
6d5 +5dr +5hr
Lord Golands Tower | Top |

Book of Dark Rituals
Boots of Destruction
Bracelet of Dragon Bones
Crystal Timepiece of Time Resistance
Dragon's Eyeball in Glass Sphere
Eternity Stone Pendant
Hideous Dragon Claws
Inventors Coat
Koldar's Axe
Journal of Lord Goland
Long Dagger with Dragon Bone Handle
Lord Goland's Plate
Mace of Nightmare Bringing
Oversized Suit of Chainmail
Ring of Unholy Might
Robe of Malevance
Roqorshon's Braid
Shimmering Cudgel named Soulkeeper
Shonar's Blade
Shortsword named Seeker
Spectacles of Greenish Tint
Varanexus' Dagger of Thaumaturgy

L +50ma -5dr !g !n
+4dr -15hp
-15age +2dr
+3dr -1sp
-2dex +20hp
+20ma +2wis
+2dr -15ac 5d8
+1dr +25ma
+4dr 5d4
+30hp -4sb
-1dex +3dr 7d8
+5hr -3dex
+20hp +15ma
+4hr +20hp 6d6
+6hr +4dr 4d6
+65ma 6d4
Lost City of Atlantis | Top |

Alexander's Pendant
Belt Made of Seashells
Boots of Dark Purpose
Coral Bracelet
Coral Breastplate
Crystal Bracelet
Dolphin Shaped Shield
Glowing Sigil
Green Colored Seaweed
Hide of an Eel
Hide of Selkie
Ivory Bracelet
Ivory Trident
Leviathan's Chains
Leviathan's Scale
Master Rod of Tentacles
Obsidian Bracelet
Onyx Harpoon
Poseidon's Crown
Poseidon's Trident
Red Seaweed
Ring Made of Shells
Rod of Tentacles
Spear Made of Shining Mithril
Webbed Lion Claws

L ?
-6 srod, +2hr !e
+51ma -24hp !w !g
+45ma +3wis
+15hp -15ma
+1str +2hr
+3hr -2ss
+15ma -2ss
Call Lightning lev29 - 10 charges
+4dr +2dex
+4str +30ma
+5hr +5dr 7d7
+3con !e
+13hp +2hr
4d6 +3hr -4ss !g !m !c dagger
+3dr +2dex
Lost Civilization | Top |

Band of Demon Skin
Belt of Black Cloth
Cloak of Human Hair
Pair of White Leather Gloves
Rod of Spell Turning
Scalp of Ybbez

L +27hp +2sb !g
-4sb !g
+30hp -2wis !g
Lyryanoth | Top |

Glistening Leg Plates of the Visionary
Glistening Trident of Blackened Steel
Gloves of Righteousness
Helm of Truth
Legendary Crystal Sleeves
Ringmail of the Higher Servant
Sash of the Creator
Visionary's plate of Unity

L +2hr +4dr
+5hr -4ss !m!t!c!g!n - ?
+3hr +30hp !e
+15hp +21ma
+ma hp !t
4hr -3ss !e !w!m!c
Medievia Graveyard/Church | Top |

Chain Shackles
Emerald Bracelet
Emerald Ring
Glowing Medallion of an Ancient God
Golden Ring
Opal Ring
Silver Holy Symbol
Silver Stirring Spoon
Silver Pendant
Small Metal Shield
Swordman's Gloves
Tarnished and Dirty Copper Belt
Templar's Sword

L Cursed
+2int -9ac
+2dr -2ac
+15ma Light
+1hr !g
+2con +2wis
+2hr 3d6
Mighty Cutter Mystara (Tavisport) | Top |

Chains of Asterius

L +3str +3con 5d6
Mystical Forest | Top |

Back Velvet Robe
Elexir of Health
Hammer of Tyr
Horned Dragon's Skull
Javelin of Lightning
Shimmering Band of Energy
Small Wooden Shield With Vines
Sparkling Emerald Stone
Ring of Quickness
Unicorn's Horn

L +33ma +3hr
5d6 throwable long !m!c
+28ma, -3ss
+44ma +3hr !e
+3dr -16ac 5d5 !e!c
New Ashton | Top |

Blood-stained Breastplate of Rock
Bracelet of Aged Pure Gold
Elemental Controller
Eternal Fire Loop
Gem-studded Bastard Sword
Gloves of Misfortune
Mighty Defense sword
Pair of Shoes made of Cloth Lava
Reaper's Sickle
Rod of Lava Disruption
Scarf of Warmth
Scepter of Good Health
Shield with the Seal of New Ashton
Shirt covered in Ash
Sidewinder's Ring
Suicide knife
Sword of Protection
Ultimate Darkness ring
Utility Belt
Veil of Gray Vapor

L +26hp -2dex
+38ma -1str
+22ma +1str
+2dr -30ma
+5hr 6d7
+2dr -2dex
+22hp 6d9, 2h
+3dr 8d5
+5dr +5hr 6d6
+25hp -2sb
+15hp +18ma 5d3 !t !w
+10ho +1hr
+4dr -1dex
+2hr +2 dr 4d4
-21ac 3d12
+1hr -18ac
+19ma +2hr
Preserve | Top |

Bear Claw

L +2st +2con !m !c
Pirate Ship | Top |

Assassin's Shroud
Baggy Pants
Captain Amos's Boots
Captain Amos's Gloves
Dead Rat's Carcass
Lucky Rabbit's Foot
Pearl Bracelet
Pirate Captain's Hat
Pirate Ring
Polished Wooden Shield
Raggedy Shirt
Sailor's Cap
Seashell Necklace
Talkative Parrot

L +4dr
+35hp +3dex
+30hp +2dex
+3hr +30ma
+2hr Bless - 5 charges
+3hr +2dr
+3hr +3dr
+4dr +2hr
+3dr +2ss
+29ma +7hp
Gives Map Coordinates
+3hr +3dr
Riverton | Top |

Crystal Stained Blood Red

L +18ma -2ss !g Light
+4dex +4wis !e
Shadowclaw, Fortress | Top |

Red Eye Gem
War Banner of Shadowclaw

L +20ma +10 age
+1hr -5ac light
Spirited Heights/Horneg's Keep | Top |

Anklet Silvery-grey Tendrils
Band of Orange and Red Feathers
Belt of Protection
Black Tunic w.Silver Runes
Bracelet of Life
Claws if a T'naari
Eyes of the Mezzodaemon
Feathered Leggings of the Phoenix
Glowing Sphere of Crimson Mist
Horneg's Boots of Levitation
Human Skull Helmet
Pale Blue Stone
Plain Copper Ring
Robe of the Arcane
Silver Amulet

L +70move +4dex !e
+3con +20ma
+14hp, +1str
Infravision spell regen +15hp +1dr
+20hp +2hr
+50ma -20ac
Lev spell regen +50move +2hr
Container and ??
Tar Valon | Top |

Accepted Robes
Colored Shawl of Aes Sedai
Gaudy Dagger
Gleaming White Boots
Gleaming White Helm
Golden Heron Sword
Heavy Oak Staff
Iron Studded Mace
Jeweled Serpent Ring
Large Black Shield
Leather Belt
Nobleman's Coat
Novice Robes
Opal Ring
Pearly White Stone
Short Crystal Rod
Short Silver Rapier
Silver Pendant
Small Serpent Ring
White Breast Plate
White Cloak with Flame Embroidered

L +20ma +10hp
-2str +30hp
-5hr +20ma
+2wis -10ac
+3dex +6hr 4d8
Harm spell - 8 charges
+3dr +1hr 2d5
+30age +30ma
-20ac -4wis
+10ma +15hp
-20ac +2dr
+3str +2wis
+2dex +7hr 5d5
+2wis +28ma
-10ac -20ac
-2sp -10ac
Tear | Top |

Black Steel Long Sword
Serpent Ring
Shadow Cloak
Shimmering Cloak of Many Colors
Two Handed Dwarven Axe

L 4d5 !m !c
+11hp +2dr
-10ac Magic Regen Invis Spell
-11ac -1ss !m !c
2d8 2h +3st +3hr
Temple of Skye | Top |

Bell of Eternal Sorrow
Blade called Purity
Book of Battle Hymns
Cloak of Enlightenment
Gleaming Platinum Mace
Glimmering Sandals
Manacle of Concealment
Pike of Impalement
Shield of Abiding Anguish
Soulstealer Ring
Suit of Ringmail
Staff of Breedan
Wooden Cane

L +50ma
+4dr +30hp 6d8
+5hr +3dr, !e!n!m!t!c
+55ma -2ss
+5dr +55ma
+4dr +2hr
+40hp -20ac
+105ma +3dr 6d6, 2h, !m!t
+45ma -3ss 7d5
Thanos | Top |

Alligator Skin Bag
Amulet of Haste
Black Leather Belt
Black Leather Pants
Black Onyx Tiara
Boots of Stealth
Charred Dragon Tooth
Cloak of Darkness
Fetal Dragon Skull
Gloves of Doom
Jewel Encrusted Helm
Laconite Claws
Neifirst's Sword
Obsidian Staff of Thanos
Pale Blue Stone
Pale Emerald Ring
Ring of Red Ruin
Ruby of Destruction
Sapphire Bracelet
Scales of the Silver Serpent
Shield of the Mist
Short Sword Named Woundhealer
Strider Blade
Taurus Eye of Shadow Dragon
Thanos Bracelet of Fire
Vambraces made of Mithril
Vaporous Tentacle
Wand of Orcus

L +10hp
+50ma +4hr
+3dr +2dex
+4hr +4dr
+6dr -1int
+6dr -1dex
-50ac -4hr 7d9 2h
+90ma -3ss 2h
+5dr -1int
+4hr +4dr !g!n
+10dr -85hp
+5dr +5hp
+5dr -10hp
+5dr -1dex
+3dex +6dr 5d6
+6hr -3sb
+4dr -19hp
+5hr +4dr
+50hp +1ss
+10dr -85hp
Trellor | Top |

Cloak of the Wind
Dark Grey Cloak
Pair of Silver Boots
Two Handed Sword

L +1dr
+1st +1hr
2d12 +3hr +2dr !m !c
Warrens of the Moshita | Top |

Armor of the Sun
Clump of Mud
Crown of Mud
Crumbling Sword
Earthworm Segment
Handful of Dangling Roots
Hooked Claw
Mudhorns of the Beast
Moshata fur
Old Coat covered in Mud
Pair of Earthen Shoes
Rune of the Netherworld
Smooth, Dark Stone
Staff of Sight

L -3ss
+4hr +2dr
+10hp -15ac
+4hr +3dr 5d9, !m!c
+30ma -5dr !t!w
+20hp -4sb
+4hr +3dr 12d3, !m!c!w
5dr, !m!c!w
+3dr +3hr
+30ma +5age
-16ac +3hr
-16ac -22ac
Cure Blind Spell - 5 charges
Wytherwind | Top |

Ancient crimson shield
Bottle of Bristole Field Red
Coal black plume
Dull black dirk
Gauntlets of Dispassion
Leather-bound book of prayers
Long, feathered writing pen
Lost soul
Makeshift Bone Leggings
The Ivory chalice of Wytherwind
Ragged dress of swamp mist
Shimmering rose carved of smooth, white marble
Small wooden chair
Spectral Vambraces
The soulkeeper
Staff of Seduction
Steel longsword hilted in dark crimson
Tarnished silver ring
Tiny silver box
Trolls horn
Yellow robe embroidered w/t southern constellations

L +5hr -3sp
Water Container -5dex
+2str +6hp !g!n
+2dex +14age !c dagger 4d3
+4hr -3 sp
+3wis -10age
+2str +2wis !c!m!e dagger
staff - lvl 10 cure critic spell - 1 charge
+2str +2sta
Water Container +2wis +20ma !e
+3int +3wis
+2str -5ac light
+2con +11hp
Container (comes with 5 lost souls)
4d4 +25ma +15age !g!n Energy Drain Spell
+3dr -1dex !m!c 2h 3d12
+12ma 2wis
-5int cursed
+15ma -2dr

Now would be a good time to send out a HUGE thanx to the Sepulcher of Elistraee for this page. They are clan 77 on Medievia and have had a consistantly superb homepage. The original code for this page was actually taken directly from their eq page. I don't want anyone to think that all this info was compiled by the author of this guide. All that I have done to this page is make the code less messy, and made it easier to read. I will be updating the page with many more pieces of equipment from many different zones. However, I just wanted everyone to know that I did not start this list, and I don't think I'll be the one to finish it either.

This equipment page is under constant construction.
This equipment page was last updated: Thursday, June 17, 1999

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