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Yes, there are tons of different things that make up this game. It's not just running around xping or just getting a key so you can go kill that mob. It's much more than that. There are many different ways to communicate, to travel, to xp, to run zones... well, you probably get the picture. Originally all of these different things were going to be on the main page, it was then that I realized that the Main page would be extremely cluttered if this happened. So, I decided to create a page dealing with all kinds of different things from communication, traveling, xping, zone running, wait a minute, does this sound familiar?

Much of this information was obtained from other pages, and a great deal of it was written by the Hitchhiker. Any information that was obtained from another page has been noted. I do not wish to obtain credit for things that I have not written. Why? Because that's just plain wrong. So, here's the information you've been looking for all of your life! Well, maybe not all of your life, but, perhaps a great deal of it anyways. The information has been seperated into categories to help aid your searching process.
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Newbie Info:
-What is a "Newbie?"


-Damage Chart

-What are the "Catacombs?"

-Town Resources (Banks, Post Office, Etc.)

-What is "PKing?"
-General PKing

Role Playing:
-What is "Role Playing?"
-Why Roleplay?

Potions and Staves/Wands
-List of Potions
-List of Staves/Wands

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