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The Mascot of This Guide Auction Advice for the Novice The Mascot of This Guide

By: Lugh

The Medievia auction system is unusual in MUDs, and so it becomes apparent that advice should be given to those who are unfamiliar with it's workings.

The new auction is run by imps, small creatures who take your item for bid, and return the money that is offered for that item. If no one has offered to buy your goods, of course, no money or goods will change hands. That being said, here are some rules to live by when auctioning.
Spend Your Money Wisely -
Money is a factor in Medievia 4. Gone are the days of going to a "good cash" zone, because there are none, now. Because this is the case, it is vital to spend well. Don't get into a price war with others, unless you absolutely must have the item in question. Also, don't bid on sub- standard items, as chances are a better one will come along.

Always Use "bid ?" Before Bidding On Anything -
There is a very important command called "bid ?" that will let you know the full stats of the item up for bid. This will show you where the item is worn, what type of item it is, and whether it has a good or bad "tweak." A "tweak" is when the item has stats that vary from a normal item of the same type. The "bid ?" command also lets you know how old a given item is. This can keep you from spending 500k on that bracelet of life you always wanted, only to have it fall apart the next day.
Make sure that you type: bid ? x. Where x is the letter of the slot where the item is.

Be Considerate -
When auctioning items, remember that you as the auctioner can very easily stop the auction. The buyers, however, cannot. If someone makes a bid that is obviously a mistake (like 2.5 mil for a golden ring) assume that they made a mistake and cancel the auction. You can always put your item back up for sale, and if you allow a fellow player to lose a lot of money over a mistake, you may just have made an enemy. On the other hand, if you have made the mistake, and bid too much for an item, the only way you can get out of the auction is to make a camp and quit.
To cancel the bid on an item you simply type: bid x cancel. Where x is the slot where the item was.

Auctioning Items -
There are many different items in the game that have many different values. Some relatively new code in Medievia puts a charge on anything that you auction over 999,999 gold. Be careful when you auc things. The only things that the game will not put a charge on are Dragon Crystals and Smallish Brass Coins. When you are auctioning an item, take two things into account. One, the value of the item with the identify spell. When you identify an item, it will tell you roughly what the item is worth if you were to tell it in a shop. If the item is a piece of treasure, the value shown on the ID is exactly what the item is worth if you were to sell it in a gem shop. If you are trying to make money on the item, don't let someone take it for less than a store would pay. Two, make sure you know what you are auctioning. Be aware of the auction and watch what items go for. To watch the auciton you can type: setauc some. This will show you brief information of what is going up for auction. Be familiar with the items and don't go selling a 50/50 pristine Bloodstone for 2 million gold. If you don't want to get ripped off, be aware.

I hope that this will help you on your way to financial success on Medievia, good luck and happy shopping! This page came from the Shadow Wolves and Wolves of Dawn clan page. They are Clan 16, and Clan 32 in Medievia. This page was not originally created by the guide. Any changes that the guide has made to this page have been made in red to show exactly what was changed. If you would like to visit The Shadow Wolves and Wolves of Dawn clan page you can click on the link here: The Shadow Wolves, The Wolves of Dawn

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