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The Mascot of This Guide General Concepts of Medievia The Mascot of This Guide

By: Rapscallion

There are a number of concepts that figure heavily in Medievia that aren't really big enough to warrant a page of their own. These are collected here on this particular page.

Hit Points (Hp) - This is how much damage you can take before you die - when your Hp reach 0 you perish. LOOKing or GLANCing at someone will give an idea of how wounded they are - this is translated in a table on the HOARD. Displayed constantly on the command prompt.

Mana - This is used to cast spells. Any spellcasting class draws on this power to cast the spells - when there is not enough mana available to cast the spell you would like then you will be told. Displayed constantly on the command prompt.

Movement - this is how far you can move before needing to rest. The main areas cost 4 movement points per room travelled to but wilderness areas will cost more. A character casting STONESKIN will have a penalty in this regard if not currently classed as a mage. If mounted you will see your mount's movement points on the command prompt line.

Breath - when moving fast this will decrease fast. Steady movement is needed to keep at reasonable levels. It recharges fast by staying still for a moment or so. QUICKNESS spell means much better recharge rates. If a character moves too fast for their breath they have a chance of falling over for a second or two. Your own or your mount's breath is displayed on the command prompt. Breath gives the MUD some real time aspects to consider when playing.

Tick - every so often Medievia has a tick. This occurs every 30 seconds or so but this can vary slightly - any good mud timing program can be adjusted to take this into account. When a tick occurs, every player and every mob regains some Hp, Mana and Movement if these values are not at full. Sleeping when a tick happens boosts the effects of this considerably and is often a standard tactic. 'Tick' is often used as a verb - as in "Tick for two chaps" from the form leader meaning everyone needing Hp or (more importantly) mana is to sleep for two ticks to regain combat potential.

Sleep - any player can sleep at almost any time. Obvious exceptions include when mounted or fighting or flying on a dragon etc. When asleep the effects of a tick are magnified but a player can also use the DREAM channel to communicate with sleeping people anywhere on the continent. Often underused and usually full of frivolous conversation, this channel is generally ignored. One to bear in mind. Mobs who are asleep are better victims for a Backstab (or so it is said) - some forms often have a mage or 2 dedicated to attempting to cast sleep on their target so an extra backstab can take place. This usually slows the process down and is not recommended by the Riverton Wrecking Crew. Any combat vs a sleeping person or mob brings them to wakefulness again immediately.

Lag - the mudder's worst nightmare. There can be any number of reasons for lag ranging from a technical fault in the connection, your ISP playing up, something of interest to everyone on the internet causing massive bandwidth usage (eg the Starr report) or even downloading files while playing. The effect is to either delay the implementation of your own instructions or your receipt of the results of your actions. Occasional cases are known of up to 10 minutes of lag being reported but this is very rare. Sometimes there is general lag due to a problem at Medievia HQ or a phone fault in the area around Medievia HQ, or the MUD is busy at the time and this affects everyone to a small degree. People on different ISPs often find different results and it is not unknown for players to subscribe to different ISPs for different times of the day. Sometimes the lag is spurty where everything runs fine for a while and then slows for no reason for a few minutes, then back. Either grin and bear it or try and boost your social life for a night if it's just too bad.

Alignment - everyone and everything in Medievia is aligned in one way or another, whether this be evil, good or neutral. The system is based around absolute neutral (0) and ranges from absolutely pure (1000) to absolutely evil (-1000). A player's alignment changes with each kill - killing a good mob will turn you towards evil while an evil mob will turn you to good. There is no known effect for killing a neutral mob. Some equipment cannot be used by people of certain alignments - should an item be anti good or anti evil, a player whose alignment is greater than 350 in the penalty area will not be able to use it. Certain spells can only be used by casters of specific alignments while one (Hammer of Faith) has a damage effect based on the difference between the caster and the victim. Players often use certain good mobs in Medievia City to align evil (Boys, Women, Guardsmen, Mercenaries and Tourists) while the Graveyard to the east has many easy evil mobs for turning good. Is there a better alignment to be? Many people go evil as a lot of the better equipment is for evil players, but some hold that the best equipment is good only. We are researching this at the moment, but we expect it to take a long time to decide

Hunger and Thirst - every so often you will receive the message "You are hungry" or "You are thirsty". Your character needs feeding and watering every so often, just like yourself, so attend to it. Any food item can be eaten by the command EAT FOOD, although you can specify different foodstuffs instead of just FOOD. DRINK WATERSKIN (or water container) will help to quench your thirst although CHUG <water container> will take a deeper draught from the vessel. The effects of being hungry or thirsty are to reduce your regenerative abilities at a tick - should you have both hunger and thirst then you will have a very slow regenerative rate. Some food will last a lot longer than others - the best we have found is Dried Tiger from the Riverton Butcher (just BUY TIGER) - it is very light and seems to last for ages. It is possible to eat so much that there is no room for any drink and you can be thirsty without being able to drink. Many people set up TRIGGERS for this so they don't have to manually input the commands. A Bracelet of Life from Horneg in Horneg's Keep will give some bonuses but also means you don't need to eat or drink at all while wearing it. Drinking from a fountain means you can go for a long time without food or drink - when passing a fountain it is a good idea to get a quick fillup for further endurance. Water containers can be refilled here as well. Clerics have spells to create food and water so in field refuelling is rarely a problem.

Alcohol - there are a few areas where alcoholic beverages may be purchased. We are not certain of the effects of alcohol but no doubt we will be experimenting...

Poison - players, mobs and food can be poisoned. The Poison spell may be used on a mob (automatically starts the combat) or player (in NPK or CPK to start a fight). Use on food it causes it to be poisonous and is detectable through the detect poison spell. Some creatures are poisonous in nature and have a chance of poisoning you during combat if they hit (a saving throw vs poison is applicable here). The effects of poison are to cause 2hp damage per turn for a number of turns (SC A or SC will show the time before the poison wears off).

Freezing - Vryce has a punishment system that basically prevents people from playing in Medievia. Freezing is a warning - people who curse on public channels (more than one can hear) and a complaint is made, that person will be called to account and will probably end up frozen. That character will not be able to do ANYTHING until a GOD unfreezes them - this is thought to require an email to a god unless a time limit is set.

Purging - Vryce uses this as a last resort. Players can be purged totally from the game and are NEVER restored. Frequent freezing may not deter someone so Vryce does use this. You have been warned.

Gods - These are people that create the game that you play in. They are there to enforce the rules of Medievia, correct bugs, settle disputes and so forth. If you have a desperate problem then you can try and contact them but don't be too certain that they'll answer - they are busy most of the time. Avatars - These people also give up their playing time like gods do, but Avatars are giving it up to help members of the NEWBIE CLAN. To see which Avatars are online use the WHO command with the -a modifier (WHO -A). They will chat over the newbie clan channel and assist in this way, but direct physical aid is unlikely to be forthcoming.

Heroes - Players who have got to the top. When you have completed all 4 classes to level 31, you become a Hero. You can then participate in Herobattles and chat on the Immortal channel and other sundry benefits. Best of all, you don't need to eat or drink any more!

Rooms - every place you are is a room. A location in the wilderness, a part of a street, a room in a building - these are all considered to be rooms. Spells that affect everything in a room will affect everything in that room - the next room will not be affected, even if it is the part of the same street.

Zones - the continent of Medievia is made up of a lot of wilderness with a lot of Zones. A Zone is basically an area that is separate from the wilderness and will have it's own basic mobs and general ambience. The Pirate Ship has many nautical references and the mobs are sailor based, the Medievia Graveyard has many tombstones and various undead mobs, the Gypsy camp has plenty of Gypsy style mobs as well as caravans and tents. A Zone does not fit within the concept of one area of wilderness to one zone room - there can be many more rooms within a zone than would ordinarily fit on the main wilderness map, or even less. Entrances to a zone are marked by a @. Often the zone will cut an area out of the wilderness and will have one or two (or more) entrances while having various walls to prevent any other entrances to that zone.
This page came from Rapscallion's wonderful page. This page was not originally created by the guide. Any changes that the guide has made to this page have been made in red to show exactly what was changed. If you would like to visit Rapscallion's page you can click on the link here: MEDIEVIA INFO SECTION

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