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The Mascot of This Guide Help for Newbies The Mascot of This Guide

By: Envia

To begin your great adventure into the world of Medievia you log into the telnet address. ( 4000 ) Once you're connected you will see the title screen and you will be asked for a name. Now this might not seem too difficult but please do stop and think about your choice of name before you just type in something. Medievia in its efforts to become the best mud in the world has deemed that only medieval names will be acceptable. So in short this means that names like: Dog, Fred, Table, Walk, Dark, John, Georgia, etc. are not acceptable names. Also not acceptable are names that come from people or places from history or mythology. Ex: Zeus, Washington, Atlantis, Clinton.

Well, now that you have chosen a name the next step would be to pick a password. Pick a password that you will remember and then write it down if you have to. Once you make a password, we can not tell you what it is if you ever lose it. But if at any time you would like to change your password in the game, just type "Help password".

Next you will need to pick a class. The choices are Warrior, Cleric , Magic-user (mage), and Thief. Of course, each class has its own good qualities.

After you have picked your class you will see an ansii picture. Just hit the return key. The next page is the Message of the Week. Be sure to read this because you never know what kind of important information you might find there. Next you will come to a screen giving you a list of options to choose from. To enter the game just pick 1 and hit enter.

As soon as you enter the game you are automatically given a level so you start out at level 1. The next thing you will see is "The elven ranger smiles at you". This is our friendly Medievia greeter. But be warned he is just a mobile or mob as we call them. This means that it's not really a player but a non-player character. This mob can not answer questions or be of much assistance, but he does give you a couple of good hints to start out with though.

The help files on Medievia are wonderful. There is a help file on just about every single aspect of the game. To see a help file you just type "help " example: help name. We encourage you to refer to the help files when you have questions before trying to get someone to answer your questions.

Now as a new player you will need to start wandering around and find some mobs to kill. But before you do that I would suggest you go one (1) south into the map room and get a map. The map of the City of Medievia is to scale and each space represents one (1) room or movement. Your directions are North, South, East and West. As you move from room to room, you will notice that available exits are displayed.

There are a couple of quick hints to help you out if you have too much scrolling across your screen. You can toggle each channel on and off. Channels are the things you see like Auction, Shout, Develop, etc. To toggle each channel off you can type setc this will ask you if you want to turn each channel on or off and you just answer y or n.

Now as you start wandering around you need to look for easy mobs to kill. If you just want to test your power try killing a janitor in town. By this time you might be getting the messages "You are hungry." "You are thirsty". This is an easy thing to remedy. The gods in their divine benevolence have seen fit to give you enough bread and water to get you started out. If you type inventory you will notice that you are holding these items. Now to eat or drink you type "eat bread" or "drink water." When your waterskin runs out of water you can refill it from any fountain. To get more food you will need to refer to your map and go to the grocers and type "list" for a list of the goods he can sell you.

Now as you're running around killing these janitors you will be collecting experience points. You need to get experience points in order to gain higher levels. As you gain each level you will see a message: You gain a level! Each time you level you will receive more hitpoints, mana and movement points. It is suggested that once you have reached level 2 that you type newbie. Upon typing this word you will be enrolled into the Newbie Clan. This clan will be an endless source of help to you as you learn to play the game. You will be able to find others to group with more easily and most of the time there is a god listening to the clan channel and they will be more than happy to answer your questions. To use the clan channel you just type: clan <message>.

I hope this will be of some help to you and that you will enjoy your adventure with us. If you haven't adventured with us before, we hope you do come give us a try. This page came from The Medievia Home Page. This page was not originally created by the guide. Any changes that the guide has made to this page have been made in red to show exactly what was changed. If you would like to visit The Medievia Home Page you can click on the link here: The Medievia Home Page

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