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By: Vryce

You have heard about Medievia and you have heard about "Muds", now what? Take it from me, Vryce, owner and developer of Medievia...Just jump right in!
What you Need to Begin -

You will need a mud client or telnet application, chances are you have one now. When you are ready, connect. Telnet is a protocol that is on the internet just as the WWW is. Telnet has good points and bad points. The WWW can show you nice graphics and sometimes even sound, but it is fed to you in a page by page fashion where no pages will come unless you request it. This is excellent for perusing data but for a game it leaves a lot to be desired. Telnet has no graphics but what it does have is real time interactivity. If you have an ANSI color telnet application the game will look and feel much nicer. Medievia normally has well over 100 players online at once doing their thing. You will see them walk in and out of rooms, see them in combat and even make friends with some of them. This happens even if you do not touch the keyboard, unlike the WWW. Ok, your are sold on telnet. What will you need to know to make your first day playing Medievia a little less confusing?

Your First Day in Medievia -
When you first log in it will ask you to type in a Name. We ask that everyone pick a medieval sounding name as it makes the game seem much more like an outer world/time line fantasy. It then asks for a password and for you to pick a class. We have four (4) Classes in Medievia.

The class you choose will affect you for quite some time so choose wisely. Later on when you reach a very high level and you have learned all there is to know about the class you are in, you may Multi-Class. To be a true HERO on Medievia you must reach a level of 31 in all 4 classes. When you multiclass from one class to another you get to keep all you have learned. So a Mage that becomes a Warrior will be a Warrior who casts spells. As you can see there is a lot of strategy on the selection order of classes you become.

OK! You now see a menu...type 1 enter to enter Medievia.

There is no longer a menu when you log onto Medievia.

WELCOME TO MEDIEVIA! A lot is going on. You see dragons flying overhead and people talking. You hear someone's death cry. You feel as if you have just been born and you are totally clueless. BUT AHA! You are. You are what Mud people will call a NEWBIE. Do not fret though as we take extra special care in helping newbies if they ask. Everyone who plays muds has been a newbie. I remember my first day I could not move to save my life. I wasn't standing. All I had to type was stand. Medievia is much easier than the muds of past. For example if you are not standing and you try and move, you will see something like: Maybe you should stand up first?

Gods and Help -
In the game, the developers are called GODS. There are many commands in Medievia and one of the first you will need to know is the pray command. If you type: pray I have been poisoned by a snake, what can I do? A god may answer. Hmmm.. Gods never answer you in real life. WELL! It seems too good to be true? It is. We do ask that you use the help system as much as you can before you ask a god for help. The help system is used by typing help.

If you know a command you want help on type "help command", example: "help say".

Speaking and Moving -
Say? What is this? Medievia is a game with many people playing and interacting with each other. How you interact is called role playing. Type: say hello my lady, may you know where the donation room is? And everyone in the same ROOM as you will see you say that. What is a room? Medievia is a game where you are in a LOCATION at all times, a room if you will. A room may be up in a tree, under water, in a courtyard, in a prison cell, etc. A room is simply the exact LOCATION you are. Medievia has over 4 million rooms making it the largest game in the world. Staggering isn't it? You are most likely thinking that you will get lost. You have no idea how lost you can get! But this is the fun. You are in another world and you have no idea what will happen next.

You cannot get lost without knowing how to move. Moving is simple. There are six (6) directions. North, South, East, West, Up and Down. Type north and you go north. If you type exits you will see all the rooms connected to you where you may go. Example:

Obvious exits:
North - The Altar to the Gods of Medievia
East - Medievia Donation Room
South - The Courtyard South of Castle Medievia Square
West - The Library
Up - The Castle Stairs
Down - The challenge room
If you have the autoexit command on you will see all the exits every time you move.

You have been walking around and now the game says "You are hungry and thirsty". We try and make Medievia as easy as possible. We do this with realism. What will you do in real life if you are hungry? EAT! Type inventory. This is the stuff you have. You have bread? Type eat bread. You have a waterskin? Type drink waterskin.

You can now move and use the help system along with keeping good health by eating and drinking. What now? Type inventory (i for short) and you will see in your possession a newbie guide. Type look guide and the guide will help you enormously.

Combat -
When you play you develop your character slowly through combat and experience. As you gain experience you gain levels. As you gain levels you gain more power. The way to gain more power and more levels is through combat. In Medievia you fight monsters in the game and/or other players like you.

To find out and learn about combat just type "help combat".
Combat Commands:

What is THACO? Type help thaco. Some of the commands and stats you use and you have on your character are derived from basic role playing. Things like hitpoints, armor class, mana, intelligence, strength etc. When you have a question use the help system. While these terms seem alien to you, what they do is very simple and easy to understand. There are 291 commands in medievia right now. This seems staggering doesn't it? It is not. Once you have played a while the whole command user interface will seem second nature. You will not THINK ok type flee if something is kicking your you know will just HAPPEN. Your fingers will type flee the second your mind feels mortal danger. Once you have played a while and your mind knows the game you just sit back and BE IN the game. The mud will seem like a home away from home. You will meet many people and make many friends. Perhaps even join a clan. Medievia will be an extension of your life.

Begin! -
OK. You are ready. Go into the game and start your new Medievia character. One of the first things you should do is type help your class. If you are a mage type help mage. If you go south a bit you will find guild row. On it are guild halls for the classes. This is where you PRACTICE your spells and skills. If you need help use the help system. If you still need help use the pray command.

Once you are done learning some basic low level skills or spells you need to get to level 2 before your character is SAVED and made a permanent player in Medievia. Reaching level 2 is very easy. When you see something killable in the room like a janitor or a bug, a man, anything, type consider name. Example: consider janitor. It will tell you if you have a chance at killing him.

In the rooms you will see both other players and what are called MOBS. Mobs is short for mobiles. Mobiles are all the non players in Medievia. They are people and animals created by the game and controlled by the game to interact with you mostly through combat.

Now type score. This is all the stats on your player. See experience to level? When you kill something you will gain experience. You need to get that much experience.

When you want to leave the game you can RENT at the hotel or CAMP in the wilderness. Use the help system to learn about these things. Good luck adventurer. Medievia awaits you.

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