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zMUDzMUD - zMUD is a client that is loved by some, and shunned by the rest. It is a client that contains all the options you could ever need, and then some more. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Medievia personally recommends this client, if you've got the 25 bucks to shell out for it. It is a more graphical client and allows pointing and clicking, along with standard creation of commands. For more information about zMUD, please visit the homepage by clicking on the link above.

  • Graphical functions for those of you who aren't familiar or aren't comfortable with simple entrance of commands via keyboard.
  • An automapping program that allows you to map out zones (works sometimes, doesn't work most of the time). This mapping program is also great for simply creating maps with the keyboard.
  • A chatting module that allows you to directly connect with other people and send files, commands, scripts, etc.
  • Fairly good speed, if you've got 200mhz or above.
  • Same commands/features that can be found in other clients, and then some more.

  • Costs money after 30 uses. Not 30 days, but uses. This means after you run the program for the 30th time, you will have to answer a registration code. Plus, if you are thinking about finding a crack, good luck. Zugg is very careful to not let his program be cracked. Working cracks for this are very hard to find. Not that I recommend cracking anything.
  • Can be slow at times.
  • Chatting module still kind of buggy.
  • Some of the colors can be awkward.
  • AutoMapper usually requires a great deal of manual work before it becomes truly "automatic."

    Despite what problems zMUD can have at times, I feel that it is still the best client out there. Again, it does cost money, but it offers so much. A graphical interface that allows for mapping and simple creation of complex triggers and aliases. I have just found that after trying many different clients, that zMUD has consistantly been better. Whether it's because of the features, or the speed, or anything else, zMUD just seems to be the best.
    The Mascot of This Guide Scripts for zMUD The Mascot of This Guide

    Here is a list of all of the scripts that are actually useful for zMUD. The guide has gone through the scripts it could find and kind of uncluttered everything to find the scripts that are actually worth something. Scripts in red were created by the Hitchhiker himself. The other scripts have been created by someone else. Each person who created a script has been given credit for his/her work on it. Also included next to each script is a link to the page where the script came from. Please feel free to click there to see what else that page has to offer.

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