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Well now. Perhaps the first thing that will be entering your mind is this: "Who are you?" Well, I am a lot of things. One thing that I wanted to keep secret, at least for a while, is my identity on Medievia. Why this is? I'm not exactly sure. But don't worry, you shall know. I would tell you a bit more about my character, but I guess that would hint as to who I am. So, I'll just tell you a bit about myself.

I have been playing Medievia now for a year and a half and have been faithful to a single clan who's name shall not be mentioned. I started playing Medievia when a friend of mine introduced me to it. I was astounded at the level of detail that the creators of the game went into in order to create such a great role playing environment. So, I logged on my first character. It was great. I found myself immersed in a wonderful sea of creatures and mystical places beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, I was, a newbie. I was asking questions like:

And so on. There were so many questions I had about the game? Yet, there were so little places to find the answers! Hence this guide was born.

I have been making pages on the net and messing around with HTML since about 1990. I've made numerous other pages and have enjoyed every minute of it. Medievia was starting to take up a great deal of my life, so I decided to start making a page based on it.

The Mascot of This Guide Some Personal Info About Myself The Mascot of This Guide

So there you have it. That's me in a nut shell. Well, actually, that's more like my driver's license info, but, it gets the point accross. I guess all that really matters is that you know I'm an individual. I don't care what other people think and I pretty much do what I can to try to stay out of "social groups." I'm sort of an outcast because I live in such a small town, but hey, I grew up in the city.

I moved around alot as a kid and I always took my computer with me. I've been on computers since about age 2 when I had my first stab at a Commodore 64. Gotta love the ol' Apples. My parents are divorced and I just recently came to live with my dad here in Montana. Most people think that because I live in Montana I'm either one of those wierd "freemen" or a hick. Well, I'm none of the above. I do have 11 acres and few horses, but I'm not by any means a "hick." If I was, do you think I'd be making this page? I think not.

By the way, one last little note. No matter what you do, have fun and be yourself.

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