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Well, I figure that I owe tribute to this wonderful editor. It's a freeware program that I found a while back. When I started to create this page I figured that I could just create a link to the "DerekWare" homepage. Well, for some reason, that page has ceased to exist. So, I guess this will have to serve as a makeshift page for those of you interested.

Again, this program is freeware. I've been using this program for a few years for a couple of reasons. The first being that it's simple. It's not a big fancy program with a bunch of point and click crap, it's basically a window with some toolbars to make your life easier. Once you've been coding with HTML for a while you start to not really need the point and click stuff anymore and you'd much rather just type out everything. Well, this program allows for both. It's easy to use, has some point and click stuff, and yet you can be advanced with it as well. Here is a picture of what the layout looks like:
DerekWare HTML Author Layout
As you can see, there's buttons at the top which allow you to add things, and then just a window below. It's a great program and I would reccomend it to anyone who does any coding. Like I said before, this thing is more tipped towards advanced users, but it is easy enough for anyone to use. It uncludes things like "Document Wizards" for those of you who have no idea what's going on with HTML.

The only flaw I was able to find in this program is that it cannot store enough information for the very large pages. Similar to Notepad, it only allows a certain amount of text before all it's resources are used up. This is only if you are making very large pages such as the equipment page in this guide. Other than that, it's a flawless program.

Because I am on a web service that allows for unlimited space, I am able to offer a link to download this editor. It's in ZIP format, so please be sure that you have the ability to unzip programs with WinZip or some other application.

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