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Now to let you people know just where I got the inspiration for this guide. Some of the inspiration for this guide came from other pages on the net. Well, actually, a great deal of the inspiration came from other pages. There were so many pages out there that I just felt compelled to write one of my own. But what should this page be about? Should it be about my clan? Should be be about other clans? Should it be about everything? I wasn't sure.

Perhaps one of my biggest sources of inspiration came from the Official Lafay worship page. This page contained a huge amount of information about the game. It contained maps, tables of information, and also contained a great deal of information that this page uses. I looked at this page and fell in love. Ever since then I have used that page to find all of the info I need. I send everyone who needs help to that page. There was so much information and so many things that people could learn, just from looking at that page. After "worshiping Lafay" for a while, I found that there were other pages out there that had some other information. Other maps, equipment, and other things. However, I found that each of these other pages were pages created to make a clan look good. I also found, that a great deal of the information on these pages were taken straight off of Lafay's page without giving the man credit.

After seeing all these different pages, and also seeing that a great deal of pages had the same thing, I figured that it was time for a compilation of all of them. The biggest question on my mind was, "What will this page be like?" What could this page be named? For something this big, I had to base it off of something or I would surely run into the problem of not being able to figure out what to do with it. I looked around for a while. Searched around through other pages. I was unable to find anything. Then, suddenly it hit me. I had been reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. It was then I realized what the page was going to be based on. If you would like more information about this book visit my Book Page. After reading the book and enjoying it greatly I decided that I would begin the page.
So, as you can see, inspiration came from a great deal of places. It came from web pages, books, and the game of Medievia itself. However, perhaps the greatest inspiration, was need. There was a need for this kind of thing. A guide to show everything that you could ever want to know about the game. I was the person up to the challenge. Whether or not I should have taken that challenge, I am still debating.

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