The Mascot of This Guide Why? The Mascot of This Guide

The greatest question of all time. "Why?" Well, there are many different answers depending on what context "Why?" is taken out of. In this case the question is, "Why was this guide created?" If that was the question you were looking for, then you have come to the right place to recieve the answer. Sit back a listen to the story of a great and powerful wizard and his adventures with a small furry thing called a "Garah".

Okay, so maybe this guide wasn't created because of some great wizard. Or some furry thing named "Garah." But, this guide did have a very good reason to be created. It is not meant to further my name in Medievia, or to make anyone look good. The guide was created to be the ultimate resource to the ultimate game. It was created to compile all of the information in the game, and all of the information on the net, into one place. A place called, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Medievia."
This guide would have everything that you ever needed to know. It would contain maps of all the zones, lists of equipment, information about things that you probably don't even care about, and it would all be created by one man. That man, shall remain nameless. That man however, felt that there needed to be something out there that the people of Medievia could turn to. Something that would be able to answer stupid questions like, "What exactly is a 'Massacre'?" and "What spell really does the most damage?" Hence, this guide was born.

So, here it is. All of the information. It wasn't created for me, but created for everyone. Created for all Medievians who ever had troubles finding the answer. I often found myself looking through every single web page in my bookmarks to try and find the thing I was looking for. Most times, I was unsuccessful. I knew the information was out there, but it was all spread out. In fact, some of the questions I had, didn't even have the answer. So, I felt that there needed to be a place that anyone could turn to and find the answer. A place that had all of the information. A place that had everything you needed. In short, a guide to Medievia. Well, welcome to that guide.

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