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The Mascot of This Guide Basic Information About EQ The Mascot of This Guide
There are some things that are important to know about equipment before you start trying to get the right type of eq. These are basic things that allow you to know what those odd terms mean. Terms like HR and DR and -SS and AC and all that good stuff. Below here you will find what these differnt things mean when it comes to equipment.

Before I begin anything, I will guide you through what the different things mean when you identify a piece of equipment. You can identify a piece of equipment using the Identify Spell or by using a scroll. Below are different examples of what it looks like when you identify an item:

Example of the information you recieve when you identify a weapon:
Object: the Black Dagger of Reckoning [dagger reckoning]
Equipable Location(s): TAKE WIELD
Weight: 6 Value: 10000 Level Restriction: 27
The object appears to be in perfect pristine condition.
Days Left: Infinity
Damage Dice of 7d5

Throwable weapons contain an extra line that looks like this:

Example of the information you recieve when you identify armor:
Object: some spiked vambraces made of mithril [vambraces spiked mithril]
Equipable Location(s): TAKE ARMS
Weight: 5 Value: 10000 Level Restriction: 25
The object appears to be in excellent condition.
Days Left: 139
AC-apply of 6

Example of the information you recieve when you identify a staff:
Object: a green orb [orb sanctuary green]
Equipable Location(s): TAKE HOLD
Weight: 5 Value: 200 The object appears to be in perfect pristine condition.
Days Left: 185
AC-apply of 6
Level 13 spell of sanctuary. Holds 4 charges and has 4 charges left.

Scrolls and potions are very similar to this, but instead of something like:
Holds 4 charges and has 4 charges left.
They say something like:
Level 20 spells of remove curse

As you can see, there is a great deal of information here. I'll take you through step by step and tell you what the different things mean.
Object -
This is where it tells the name of the object. In one case it is the Black Dagger of Recknoning. Inside the brackets are the key words which this object goes by. A "key word" is a word that the item is recognized by. IE if you go to take the item, wield the item, identify the item, etc.

Item Type -
This tells the type of item it is. In this case it is a weapon. The complete (hopefully) list of item types and their definitons is as follows: Effects -
These are different effects that an item can have. These effects are usually called flags. In one case the item has the GLOW, HUM, EVIL, INVISIBLE, ANTI-GOOD, ANTI-NEUTRAL, SMITE-GOOD, NO-DONATE, NO-SACRIFICE. The complete list of flags and their definitions is as follows: Equipable Location(s) -
This tells you where on your body this piece of equipment can be put. There can be more that one place that the item may be put. By putting on your body, I mean, either wearing the item, holding the item, or wielding the item. The different equipable locations are as follows: * - Donation equipment only

Weight - Fairly self-explanatory. It is the weight of the object in stones. A stone is equal to about 4 lbs, but don't quote me on that because I cannot remember. If you know, please tell me. If I'm right, tell me that too. When you have something in your inventory, the weight of the object is added to your total weight. If the object is in a container, and you are wearing it, however, the object is not added to your total weight.

Value -
The approximate amount you would recieve if you sold this item in a store. Note that this is VERY approximate and it can be very close to actualy amount recieved, or way off. It also depends upon which store you go to sell an item at. Also note this will probably never be the same amount that this item could fetch on auction.

Level Restriction -
The minimum level you must be in order to use the item.

Condition of the Item -
The condition of the item can be expressed in words/color. To change this use the setitem command. Below is a list of the conditions in order from best to worst along with the color that corresponds to them: Days Left -
Relatively new code to Medievia. It simply tells how many days the item has left before it dets. When an item "dets" it means that the item has began to crumble and the stats on the item also deteriorate. Many items go down to minimum tweek if they det. I found this out the hard way when I let my max tweek Kris go on me. You'll find out too, how much fun detting eq is. If the value of this is "Infinity," then the item will not deteriorate past it's current position.

AC-apply -
This is the amount of change this item will make to your armor class if it is worn. Your armor class (ac) is affected by a negative value (-100ac being the best, 100ac being the worst). So, if you have an item with an AC-apply (acap) of 9, then your ac would go down by 9. The only exception to this rule is on the BODY location. AC-apply is doubled on the body location. Example: black armor of the gorgon has an acap of 10. If it is worn in the BODY position, it will affect your ac by -20, if it is worn in the ABOUT position, it will affect your ac by -10.

Attributes -
This tells a couple of things. One, what classes cannot use this item. Two, if the item is a weapon, whether or not it is considered a dagger. The complete (I hope) list of attributes and their definitions are as follows: Damage Dice -
The Damage Dice is the amount of basic damage a weapon can do. In one case the damage dice is 7d5. This means that the game will find a number by taking a number between 1 and 5, 7 times, and then adding them together. In more simpler, AD&D terms, it means the game takes a 5 sided die, and rolls it seven times, then adds up the numbers for a total. That total is the amount of damage the weapon does in one hit. So, in the case of 7d5, it has a minimum damage of 7 and a maximum damage of 35. Damage dice can be affected by SMITE-GOOD/EVIL. In the case of the Black Dagger of Reckoning, it goes from 7d5 to 7d7 when it is hitting a good aligned mob or person.

Affects -
This is the main tweekable part of an item. "Tweek" is the different numbers that an item can have. For example you can have Devastator, the adamantite kris with a +5hr/+3dr tweek, or you could have one with a +4hr/+2dr tweek. It is a slightly restricted random number that the game picks when a reset of the item occurs. Each item can have a maximum of two affects. The different effects and their definitions are as follows: * - Negative value is better.

Keep in mind that all of these values can be positive or negative, hence they can be good for you, or bad for you.

Charges - Used for staves and scrolls, it tells what spell(s) is in a scroll, staff, wand, or potion, and also the level of the spell. A "charged" item has spells within the item that can be brought out by using the item. Many items have multiple charges, while some only have one. Scrolls and potions do not have charges but instead have a single spell that is activated upon use. For example: Level 13 spell of sanctuary. Holds 4 charges and has 4 charges left. This simply means that the item has 4 charges of level 13 sanctuary in it.
Well now, after a gruelling five hours of work on this page, it is finally complete. However, it is also 4:07am. Whether this is a good trade-off, I cannot tell because my mind is not in the right state to be doing any kind of thinking at the moment.

If there are any errors to anything written here, please let me know by e-mailing me here: I would like this page to be accurate, it would not be very fair to the newbies if it wasn't. So please, help me make sure that everything listed here is actually true. I also don't want to forget anything, so also mail me if I've forgotten something.

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