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Equipment is a very important thing in the game of Medievia. Some people live just to get the best equipment possible. Some clans exist only to get the best eq possible. There are just so many different combinations of equipment that are out there that what these people try to do, obtain the perfect equipment, is impossible. There are many different types of equipment too. Two of these types are elite equipment, and not so elite equipment. Elite equipment includes things like: Bloodstones, Helms of the High Forest, Daggers of Fire, Frostreavers, and others. These are high level pieces of equipment with very nice stats. But, they will also cost you an arm and a leg to obtain. The "not so elite" equipment is what we will talk about on this page.
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First off you should probably know what the guide means by, "not so elite." If you read the passage above, you know what elite equipment looks like. The Bloodstone being a +50hp/+50mana hold item (give or take a few HP/Mana points). These are pieces of equipment that heros strive for. Some of the more powerful heros in the game do not even have some of these pieces of equipment. As a newbie, you should not worry about these elite pieces of equipment. There are a couple reasons for this. One, you don't have the money. Two, all of this equipment has high level restrictions anyways. So, as you can see, you have no need for them. So, what do you have a need for?

Need for stats depends on what class you happen to be. If you happen to be a Mage, you would want things that increase your mana to make your mana shield more effective. If you happen to be a Cleric, you would want to have a more balanced hp and mana considering the absence of mana shield. If you were a thief or a warrior, you would want the exact opposite. Consdering that you cannot cast spells as a single class thief or warrior, mana has no use. Instead you would be looking for things that give +HR and +DR. Those are for your stats.

* Please note that when the guide mentions "stats" it is referring to: hp, mana, hitroll, damroll, and ac.

That doesn't even begin to mention your Wis, Int, Dex, or Str. All of these things are important when looking at what kind of eq you want. There are so many different aspects of eq, and so many different pieces of eq, that the possiblities are practically endless. Then, if you add in the different types of EQ configurations you could have (solo eq, form eq, etc.) then it just gets even more complicated. Below are some links to pages in this guide concerning newbie eq.
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Here are a few pages from the guide dealing with basic information about equipment and actual pieces of equipment that newbies should watch for:
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These pages below are other bits of information that I have found on the internet. All of the original authors of the pages have been cited. All have the pages have been altered slightly for easier readability and to fit the format of the guide. Any additions to the pages from the guide have been made in red. These changes include, but are not limited to, accuracy, spelling, an extra information. Please do not think that I wrote these pages. I want to make sure that everyone who made these pages gets full credit. I just go out there and find them.

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