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The Mascot of This Guide List of Newbie Cleric EQ The Mascot of This Guide

From: The Shadow Wolves/Wolves of Dawn
(Author Unknown)

There are two modes a cleric should have, a mana mode and a solo mode.
Solo Mode -
In solo mode try to get hp and mana equal. For example at lvl 22 you should be around 400hp/400mana and as you go up in levels each should increase accordingly. Also you should try to keep you AC as close to -100 as possible. The reasoning behind the evening out the hp and mana it this, a single class clerics physical attack is not that much, so you rely on your spells to injure mobs. Well if you only have 200 hp and 900 mana, you will be healing yourself instead of attacking far sooner in the fight then need be. The fight will last forever and xping will be much slower. It is faster to heal after a fight then during one. There is on other reason for having a high hp mode for a cleric. If you ever have to resurrect someone, namely a tank, you will need to have more hps then they do to successfully resurrect them.

Mana Mode -
Mana mode is for forms. A good rule of thumb here is to check how much you tick rate is, mutiply that by 2 and add 150-200 mana. The reason for the two ticks is this, usually when in a form, the group leader doesn't like to wait for 3 or 4 ticks for you to regen 1000+ mana. Two ticks is the normal for waiting. This will also allow you to switch out some of that mana eq for hp or ac eq.

Here is a small list of eq that might help you achieve those stats:
Item Stats Location
ring of protection +20hp -10ac finger
banded ring +35mana +10age finger
thick marble ring +20 mana -6ac finger
ring of wizardry +35 mana finger
the Tears of Gwenda +28 mana +7 hp light
pulsating ruby +30hp -2 dam light
torch +17 hp -1ss light
Falconsbane's crystal ball +35 mana +2 con light
seashell necklace +8hp +35 mana neck
belt of many pouches +25 mana -1ss waist
gloves of casting +35 mana -2 dam hands
gryphon claws +33 mana hands
crimson vambraces +50hp -5dam arms
bracers of defense +18 hp -15ac arms
darkrider arm plates +35 mana arms
dragon scale skirt +23hp legs
baggy pants +37hp legs
scale leggings of dragonskin +31 mana legs
shield of shadows +37hp shield
captian boots +25 hp +1dex feet
ebony circlet +20 mana -20 ac head
swallowtail bracelet +27 mana +2hitroll wrist
the bracelet of twins +29 mana +3 str wrist
a coral bracelet +29 mana +2 wis wrist
glimmering sphere of crimson mist +40 mana -5ac hold/light
the Bell of Eternal Sorrow +41 mana hold
Book of Dark Rituals +50 mana -5dam hold
maroon robe +18 mana -18 ac about
Falconsbane's robe +40 mana about
staff of Seduction +22 mana +22age wield
Varanexus' dagger +45 mana wield
warhammer called 'Need' +55 mana 5 hr wield
the flail called Truthslayer +34 mana wield

This page came from the Shadow Wolves and Wolves of Dawn clan page. They are Clan 16, and Clan 32 in Medievia. This page was not originally created by the guide. Any changes that the guide has made to this page have been made in red to show exactly what was changed. If you would like to visit The Shadow Wolves and Wolves of Dawn clan page you can click on the link here: The Shadow Wolves, The Wolves of Dawn

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