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The Mascot of This Guide Clan 1: Circle of Power The Mascot of This Guide

Below is the information that you can find in the game Medievia, it's not entirely necessary to put on here, but it is fairly useful. Instead of doing what every other homepage on the internet does, (copy paste) I would like to give you more information. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to show all the members of a clan. For one thing, it is constantly changing and hence this would never be accurate. Besides, if you can easily access the information from the game, why the heck should it be printed here? Instead, I'm just goin to give you some basic info that shows about the clan. So, if you would look below, you can see what I'm talking about.
The Mascot of This Guide Medievian Info About Clan 1 The Mascot of This Guide

The Mascot of This Guide Hitchhiker's View of Circle of Power The Mascot of This Guide

There, now wasn't that fun? As you can see above, Circle of Power is a powerful clan. All of their ratings are above 10 which is something to be proud of. Their 40 point HP bonus shows just how powerful they are. Circle of Power or CoP consits of a fairly kind group of people. I have yet to witness a great deal of hostility from people in CoP, though I could be wrong.
The Mascot of This Guide Info Taken from the Circle of Power Web Page The Mascot of This Guide

From what the guide can see, the CoP is a very organized and structured clan. Or, at least it used to be. According to the history of the clan, the members were split up with certain titles. Each title had it's own story to and and listed it's responsibility. It seemed to look like a caste system. However, from what the guide can see with the clantitles within the clan today, things have changed. It seems that under the new leadership, things have become less structured, yet CoP continues to be a powerful clan and a force to be reckoned with.

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