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Below is the information that you can find in the game Medievia, it's not entirely necessary to put on here, but it is fairly useful. Instead of doing what every other homepage on the internet does, (copy paste) I would like to give you more information. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to show all the members of a clan. For one thing, it is constantly changing and hence this would never be accurate. Besides, if you can easily access the information from the game, why the heck should it be printed here? Instead, I'm just goin to give you some basic info that shows about the clan. So, if you would look below, you can see what I'm talking about.
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The Mascot of This Guide Hitchhiker's View of The White Rose The Mascot of This Guide

The White Rose is a powerful clan. Their ratings are very nice. They are consistantly above a 10 rating making for a sizeable HP bonus. Roses, as they call themselves, are generally fairly kind people. I have not recieved any direct hostility from a Rose before. I have, however, heard of Roses clanbashing against other clan. Whether this is true is unimportant. It is evident that they are a clan striving to be one of the best. This is very obvious by simply looking at their rankings.
The Mascot of This Guide Info Taken from The White Rose Web Page The Mascot of This Guide

From what the guide can tell, the Roses are people that are mainly out to have fun. However, a white rose is innocent in real life, and therefore is also innocent within the game. According to what the Roses use as their "code," Roses are expected to be kind and good natured people. They try to live without a bad rap to the name of the clan. They seem to want to try to live up to the real life image of a White Rose. Another thing the Roses strive for is to be the best they can be. Not the best in the game, but to have everyone within the clan strive to do their best. Another thing that the Roses like is being individual. They don't like people dragging behind them and would prefer that people learn from other Roses rather than waste time having someone guide them through every step of the way. Overall the Roses seem to try to be a kind clan while maintaining good ratings.

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