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The Mascot of This Guide MUD Clients The Mascot of This Guide
Perhaps the first thing that you will need to play Medievia, is a client. A client is a program that allows you to access the game of Medievia itself. Whether it is something as simple as Telnet, or something as complicated as zMUD. A client is the thing that brings you from the real world, the the MUD world. The guide has done a favor to you by compiling a list of all the MUD clients it knows of. Below, I will list the clients along with a brief description and a link to the home page for the client.
The Mascot of This Guide List of MUD Clients The Mascot of This Guide
zMUDzMUD - zMUD is a client that contains a great number of options and a huge amount of possibilities. It is a powerful program with few bugs. With a cost of 25 dollars, zMUD can be a hassle, but the guide still recommends it as the best client out there.

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